New PhD position: How Biofilms heal their wounds?

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We are currently looking for the new group member to work on a PhD project devoted to Biofilms!

PhD position: How Biofilms heal their wounds?

Biofilms are commonly known as complex bacterial communities that encase themselves in self-produced polymeric matrix substances and excel in withstanding various environmental stresses including antibiotic treatments. Biofilms function as heterogeneous multicellular organisms, sharing capabilities frequently identified with developing eukaryotic organisms and tissue. One such prominent feature in eukaryotic tissues is the ability to recover from mechanical damage and heal wounds. Remarkably, while biofilms in natural environments and in the lab evidently can heal their wounds too, the mechanisms of wound healing in biofilms are virtually unexplored. In this project, using the model biofilm forming organism Bacillus subtilis, we will combine experimental microbiological and biophysical approaches with theoretical modeling to understand how biofilms recover from a damage.

This DFG funded project is a part of the Priority Program (SPP 2389) “Emergent Functions of Bacterial Multicellularity” and in collaboration with the group of Prof. Liraz Chai at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Position is to fill as soon as possible!

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