Our group is using and developing methods of statistical physics to address exciting problems in biology and medicine. We are a part of the newly established, interdisciplinary “Max-Planck-Zentrum für Physik und Medizin” in Erlangen. 

How a bunch of identical bacterial cells manage to self-aggregate into a colony and furthermore make it to exhibit some heterogeneous behavior? Is it a beginning of a multi-cellular development? See our latest work on N.gonorrhoeae bacteria: "Pili mediated intercellular forces shape heterogeneous ba...

Our recent paper "Intracellular Mass Density Increase Is Accompanying but Not Sufficient for Stiffening and Growth Arrest of Yeast Cells" in collaboration with Guck and Alberti labs was recently published in Frontiers in Physics!


Prof. Dr. Vasily Zaburdaev

Silke Besold

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